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Truthfulness - Huzaifa & Fahima Patel


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Huzaifa & Fahima Patel

Mrs Talbot(SMSJ_CTalbot)  29 Feb 2012 21:17
Honesty and telling the truth might be hard to do but in the end everyone's happy!
A lie has speed, but truth has endurance.
Truth is the most valuable thing so I try to conserve it.
Telling the truth and being honest is a path leading to paradise.
One lie leads to another, and another...until there is a whole web of lies and you can't get out...
When you tell a lie, it may feel good for a few days but then it catches up to you. Eventually you'll ahve to tell the truth, so why not do it from the beginning.
Lies takes you away from paradise, and leads you towards hell...

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