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Friendship - Amine - Y4 Hedgehogs


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Amine - Y4 Hedgehogs

Mrs Talbot(SMSJ_CTalbot)  30 Apr 2012 17:09
Sharif is a boy who lives next to my house.
He loves dinosaurs, history, animals and sports.
I met him in Blackburn library.
I like having him as a friend because he is great fun.
Zaid Patel is in the same class as me.
He likes getting his work right and playing football.
We became friends as he started talking to me about stuff.
I like having him as a friend becasue he gives me advice.
Ibraheem Iqbal was my first friend in primary school.
He likes his chicks, me, school and lego.
We met in reception, he is my best friend.
Ibraheem Yosef is my second primary school friend.
He likes football, me, lego and dinosaurs.
We also met in reception.
He is also my best friend.

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