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Hindley M - Year 9 Geography


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Year 9 Geography

Mr Hindley(SSS1_M.Hindley)  12 Jun 2012 11:39
WC: 2 Dec - Peer assessment exercise - what can we improve about case studies? What is needed to improve them?
WC: 25th Nov - Question on solutions to desertification
WC 18th Nov - Extended writing exercise - Case study on Sahel - What were the cause of the 2004 drought?
WC 4th Nov: Hurricane Katrina - what were the dangers and how can they be reduced?
Week commencing 7th October: Advice to people to survive the effects of heatwaves
WC 30th September: Literacy extended writing exam question - What are the dangers of anti -cyclones
WC: 16th September : compare the two graphs of London and Tiree. Complete the graphs and analyse the data.
Week commencing 9th September: Write a weather report describing the climate in the four places studied in lesson. Add some diagrams and/or graphs where appropriate.
Week Comm: 18th February : Evaluate the most important and least important fors of erosion experienced in a waterfall.
Week commencing 14th Jan: Complete the worksheet on sustainable management tecniques in the rainforest.
Week commencing 10th Dec: Revise for your end of term assessment this week. C band Thursday 13th Dec, B band Friday 15th Dec
Week commencing 3rd December:
Complete the past paper question on fair trade
Week commencing 26th Nov: 9C1 - Describe your urban ecosystem and how it aims to attract wildlife to it.
9B1 - Complete your rainforest structure worksheet with an explanation on how the forest has adapted to the climatic conditions.
Week commencing Oct 29th:
 Task: To produce a newspaper report which describe the events of Cyclone Nargis and compares it with Hurricane Katrina.
Use a full page of A4 and use ICT.
Divide your front page into sections, look to add pictures and/or diagrams.
Comment on what has happened (primary effects) and describe what is likely to happen (secondary effects)
How are people being helped (short-term responses) and how are they going to be helped (long term aid)
Also compare this tropical storm with the events of Hurricane Katrina.
Describe similarities but also highlight differences (such as the amount of deaths, damage, social unrest etc.)
Also have a small section describing how hurricanes form.
Analyse the climate graph of Manchester. Use the prompts to conduct a thorough description of all it's main parts. Remember to look at the temperature range.
Work commencing 8th Oct:
Use the prompt worksheet to produce a report covering all elements of the climate of Britain. The report must use the structure of the worksheet and use some element of ICT.     Date to return: 16th October
Year 7 Geography
WC: 18th Nov: Promote the positives of living in a large settlement such as Bolton. List and explain what attracts people to the town.
WC 4th Nov: Settlements - what makes the perfect site for a settlement?
Wc 30th September: Prepare for the assessment by finding two places, one rural, one urban which you would like to visit in the UK.
Wc September 16thMap of towns of BI.
Week commencing: 2 Septmber
Design a front cover which helps to introduce the subject in the front of your book. Try to show a range of human and physical factors
Project work for the river study: (April/May) Prepare your project to describe in any way you see fit a water course or feature close to your home. You can use sketches, poems, photos or written description . Keep a log of what you do each week and keep it with your school folder.
Week comm 8th April: Research rivers to complete the fact-file title page for this topic.
Week commencing 21st January: Complete your map of Trinity Island and describe it's main features. You can use an overlay to expand the number and type of map symbols you use.
Week commencing 10th December
How does Bolton fit into this land-use pattern. Can you give examples?
Week commencing 3rd December
Complete land-use map showing the different areas of a city
Week beginning 29th October:
Many football teams have nicknames which represent the original function of the town or area they come from. Try to find the nicknames of the following:
West Ham United
Luton Town
Grimsby Town
Crewe Alex.
Sheffield United
Burton Albion
Stoke City
Complete your What is Geography? information page
To be completed weekl commencing 15th October
Draw a sketch map of the British Isles and plot the location of the main physical features such as seas, mountains and rivers. Add 5 other places that we have not mentioned in lessons. Please colour appropriately.

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