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Hindley M - Year 8 Geography


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Year 8 Geography

Mr Hindley(SSS1_M.Hindley)  12 Jun 2012 11:46
 WC Nov 4 - Complete an analysis of rainforest management techniques
WC 30th September - Completion of ecosystems project>
WC 23rd September - Discover 'your place' - map it, describe it, sketch it Bring the materials along to add to your projec
Ecosystems - week beginning September 9th a menu for a three course meal which includes food whch are producers, consumers and decompsers. Colour code it.
Project work for the ecosystem study: (April/May) Prepare your project to describe in any way you see fit a ecosystem or feature close to your home. It can be a park, part of your garden or wasteland. Somewhere 'wild.' You can use sketches, poems, photos or written description . Keep a log of what you do each week and keep it with your school folder.
Week commencing 18th February: Choose 4 crimes which you might be able to describe happen in clusters. Describe each one and why they would be clustered. Give examples.
Week commencing 21st January : Describe your feelings as the tsunami wave hit. Try to describe what happened next and what you did to escape.
8C3 - Majorca map - Complete question 2 on the worksheet which explores the features of the island. To be completed by Dec 12th
8C1 - Mt. St Helens project- Complete the case study to be handed in Dec 11th Dec
Analyse the results of your tourism survey based on our class. Which is the ost popular country. What type of holiday, destinations or attractions might pupils have visited there?
Prepare for the rejuvenation of Blackpool exercise by researching how the resort has aimed to attract tourists over the last FIVE YEars. These materials should be produced at your next lesson to proceed with the report.
Week commencing 15th October:
To develop the work we have done in class on staycations, you must produce a two page guide to a stycation in the North West of England over a seven day period. What would you do, where would you visit, where would you stay. Try to give as many examples as possible and gives advantages of stayiong at home for your holidays.

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