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Community Tea

Ms Sue Finch(WEST1_sfinch)  15 Feb 2011 19:22
I love getting fed and having no washing up! Seriously though, it was lovely to spend another evening in the company of people who are committed to developing the local community. I was particularly pleased to see that the fitness trail is on the list of priorities as well as a nature reserve type area. I also heard a whisper that some people are contemplating setting up a local shop from which we can buy fresh produce - sounds good to me. There is a lot of good listening to ideas going on and some good people working hard to get things going.

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Mrs Phillips(WEST1_tphillips) 

08 Mar 2011 16:02  

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Community Tea

Fantastic food and company, can't wait for the next one.

Mrs Rennie(WEST1_crennie) 

08 Mar 2011 16:22  

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Wow, no cooking or washing up was a real treat for me. The food was delicious and i had second helpings of everything.  Some great ideas were emerging and looking forward to seeing the changes in the community soon.

Miss Todd(WEST1_jtodd) 

08 Mar 2011 16:26  

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Re : Community Tea

I thoroughly enjoyed the Community Tea !The food was FABULOUS - a real treat and it was lovely to see some familiar faces from the community that I hadn't seen for a LONG time! It will be interesting to see how the issues covered will develop in the future.

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