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Homework set by Mr Sidebottom is posted below.
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No New Posts since your last visit. Y10 Geog

By Tuesday's lesson, you must have completed the case study of the Lake District- tourism conflict.

If you didn't hand in your exam then I need that by Monday morning.

Thanks Sir  

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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No New Posts since your last visit. Homework for Y8 Wednesday

I want you to devise a PowerPoint starter for the lesson on Wednesday.

The title is -Desert Ecosystems. 

It should last for ten minutes

Thanks Mr Sidebottom

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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No New Posts since your last visit. Y10 GCSE Geog

Afternoon Y10.
You need to complete the plan of a town that we started in class.
Remember to add
  1. Names of zones
  2. Services and facilties.
  3. Types of housing, including ownership.
  4. transport links including linear srevices in the suburbs.

It's due in for Thursday's lesson. Thanks

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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No New Posts since your last visit. Y10 GCSE Geog

Complete the study of Newcastle uL.
Its due in on Wednesday.
If you are having differculty then email

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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No New Posts since your last visit. Y8 Geography In for Wednesday

Remember the work we have done about humans in the food chain?
You have to complete a mini project detailing how we got from cavemen to where we are today.
Can you email the work to me?

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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No New Posts since your last visit. Y10 Geog - In for Wed 18th

Mini project on the local environment and quality of life.
You have to focus on two areas in Manchester - Didsbury and Moss Side.
You need to compare the two areas in terms of housing, employment, facilities and services, ethnicity and crime statistics.
Comment on this information.

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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No New Posts since your last visit. Y10 Delta English.

You are to answer the list of questions that you were given from BBC bitesize, Of Mice and Men.
The work is due Wed 22nd May

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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No New Posts since your last visit. Year 8 Delta Religion

You must choose a Hindu God that we have not studied in class and produce a presentation about it.
You have a list of Gods to choose from.
The work is due Tuesday 21st May.

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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No New Posts since your last visit. Homework Y7 Geog

Using the work that we have done on rivers, you are to complete a project.
You must choose a river and highlight its features - source, watershed,  tributaries, meanders, mouth, etc
It must also include work about groups of populations that live next to, and depend on the river.
It is due in after half-term

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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No New Posts since your last visit. Geog 7BGe3

Hello Y7. Remeber the work we have done with maps. Well you have to sketch a map of your route to school from home.
Remember to use scale, a key and a title.
I will be looking for the best effort

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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No New Posts since your last visit. Homework for 7b/Ge3 Geography 4/12/12

This is a research piece of homework. I need you to bring evidence with you to Wednesdays lesson. During the next lesson we will be looking at how a town is structured. You will be placed in  groups and will have to produce a presentation based on the following research -
  • What is a CBD. So what does it stand for and what is it?
  • What is an urban land use model and how does it work?

You will be the teachers for the next lesson and i will provide the questions.

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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No New Posts since your last visit. Year 7 Geography Homework Due in Thursday 8th Nov

In lesson we are looking at settlement and why people choose to live in certain locations. Certain areas have advantages.
Look at the list of football teams and find out their nicknames. Try to give a reason for these names.
West Ham United
Luton Town
Grimsby Town
Crewe Alex.
Sheffield United
Burton Albion
Stoke City

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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No New Posts since your last visit. Homework for 8d/En1 Due in 11th Oct

HW given on the 10th Oct.
We have been looking at presentations and gaining skills that help us to persuade people to view things from our perspective.
You must prepare a speach about something you are passionate about.
Remeber to use tecniques learnt in the lesson to persuade.

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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No New Posts since your last visit. HW for 7b/Ge3 Due in on the 10th Oct.

Homework given on the 4th Oct.
In the lesson we looked at where people had come from to make up the population of Great Britain.
You have to design a Union Jack that shows the contribution that these people have made.
The countries included France, Italy, Norway India and Bosnia.

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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No New Posts since your last visit. 8prEs1 Research homework

I would like you to find five products and copy the recycling symbol. This will require you looking at five totally different products with different symbols - remember the symbols in the lesson today.
The work is due in tomorrow - Tuesday 19th June

Created By Mr Sidebottom(SSS1_M.Sidebottom)
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