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Welcome to the Maths Department
Maths Department Staff
Mr S Donald - Assistant Head/Head of Maths
Mr C Lucas - Assist Head of Maths (KS4)
Mr C Barker - KS5 Manager
Mr C Williamson - KS3 Manager
Mrs C Barratt
Mrs A Broady
Mr D Cole - Deputy Head
Ms J Knott
Mr C Hagyard
Miss A Harrison - Assitant Head
Mr G Hembry
Miss H Parfitt
Ms S Quiad
Miss C Whitley
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The school has a responsibility to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils. There are three principles that are essential to developing a more inclusive curriculum:
  • Setting suitable learning challenges.
  • Responding to pupils' diverse learning needs.
  • Overcoming whole school and subject specific barriers to learning and assessment for both individuals and groups
During KS3 pupils take increasing responsibility for planning and executing their work. They extend their calculating skills to fractions, percentages and decimals, and begin to understand the importance of proportional reasoning. They are beginning to use algebraic techniques and symbols with confidence. They generate and solve simple equations and study linear functions and their corresponding graphs. They begin to use deduction to manipulate algebraic expressions. Pupils progress from a simple understanding of the features of shape and space to using definitions and reasoning to understand geometric proofs, they begin to understand reasoned arguments. They communicate mathematics in speech and a variety of written forms, explaining their reasoning to others. They study handling data through practical activities and are introduced to a quantitative approach to probability. Pupils work with increasing confidence and flexibility to solve unfamiliar problems. They develop positive attitudes towards mathematics and increasingly make connections between different aspects of mathematics
Pupils consolidate their understanding of basic mathematics, which will help them to tackle unfamiliar problems in the workplace and everyday life and develop the knowledge and skills they need in the future. They become more fluent in making connections between different areas of mathematics and its application in the world around them. They become increasingly proficient in calculating fractions, percentages and decimals, and use proportional reasoning in simple contexts. Building on their understanding of numbers, they make generalisations using letters, manipulate simple algebraic expressions and apply basic algebraic techniques to solve problems. They extend their use of mathematical vocabulary to talk about numbers and geometrical properties to find missing angles and lengths, explaining their reasoning with increasing confidence. They collect data, learn statistical techniques to analyse data and use ICT to present and interpret the results.
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