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Ms C Lewis - Head of English
Ms S Meredith - Assist Head of English
Ms M Allen-Gurr - KS3 Co-ordinator
Miss C Broader
Miss E Kavanagh
Miss J May
Mr J Mottram
Mrs C Pickford
Miss B Sealey
Miss K Thrasher
Mrs D Water
Miss A Wooliams
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Information & Resources for KS4 Students
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Our Aims & Objectives
The aims and objectives of the English Department complement those of the school but are by their nature, more particular and selective.
Our Aims
  • To ensure that all pupils have a broad and balanced curriculum. 
  • to ensure that all pupils have a programme which progresses from Year 7 to Year 11. 
  • To enable each pupil to achieve his/her potential in English.
  • To give pupils good experiences of learning so that they enjoy their work.
Our Objectives
  • To provide a English Curriculum which delivers the National Curriulum at both key stages. 
  • To provide a diverse range of experiences in English and English Literature. 
  • To select leaning experiences which build on pupils' previous work an present knowledge and understanding. 
  • To provide specific opportunities for pupils to take responsbility for their own learning. 
  • To help pupils succeed. 
  • To make learning interesting and rewarding.
The school has a responsibility to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils. There are three principles which are essential to developing a more inclusive curriculum:
  • Setting suitable learning challenges. 
  • Responding to pupils' diverse learning needs. 
  • Overcoming whole school and subject specific barriers to learning and assessment for both individuals and groups.
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