Welcome to Belgrave Primary School
I am delighted to offer you a warm welcome to our website which we hope you will find useful. Belgrave Primary School is a busy friendly school where all the staff strive to ensure every child reaches their potential. When I became head teacher at Belgrave in 2003, Belgrave was an infant school. The staff, governors and school community have enjoyed the journey of transforming an "Outstanding" (Ofsted 2005) infant school to an "Outstanding" (Ofsted 2009) primary school. We are all very proud of the school and there is a high level of commitment to providing an exciting, balanced and rich curriculum.  
Prospective parents are encouraged to contact the school office to arrange to attend a "walk around" in the school day to see the school in action. The children at Belgrave enjoy talking about what they are learning and this approach also gives visitors the opportunity to ask questions. New parents of reception children are invited to a meeting in June before children start school and children attend some afternoon sessions in July.  When children start school we offer a home visit from two members of the Foundation team to help your child feel secure and comfortable in their new learning environment. 
We firmly believe in establishing effective home school partnerships from Foundation to Year 6. This is fostered through curriculum workshops, science and maths open afternoons, class newsletters, Home School Books and Planners and a wide range of social events organised by the PTA. You will be able to read our monthly newsletter on the website which will give you an insight to life at the school; as will the photographs of learning inside and outside of the classroom.  
I am delighted to be able to inform you that we have received a congratulatory letter from Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State for School Reform, for being in the top 5% of schools in the 2014 Year 1 phonics check. 
I enjoy meeting parents and I am usually available before and after school. If you would like the opportunity to talk something through in detail, please call the office to make an appointment.
Yours truly,
Deanne Garratt (head teacher)
Celebration Assembly
We would like to share our most recent Celebration Assembly with you.
Every Friday we will show some photos of the work celebrated in the assembly.

Celebration Assembly 27th March 2015

Thank you Year 6 for teaching us interesting facts about: the solar eclipse, experiments with yeast and numerical symbols used around the world. We were very proud that a pupil from Belgrave played for the County at a chess championship.
Celebration Assembly 20th March 2015
Year 5 showed us their amazing art and topic work on Ancient Greece. They also showed us games that they had made using Kodu.
13th March: Red Nose Day and Year 4's Celebration Assembly
Children in Year 4 played their instruments for the school. They have been participating in the Wider Opportunities programme and have had the chance to learn a brass or woodwind instrument. Mr Moss is very proud of their achievements.
6th March: Rainbow Raffle Non Uniform Day and Belgrave's Got Talent Performance
Each junior class showed 2 acts to entertain the school. Everyone enjoyed watching these performances. Thank you to all the children who sang, acted, danced and told us stories.  There were lots of magic moments!!
Celebration Assembly February 27th 2015
Year 3 showed us their zig-zag books about making clay thumb and coil pots linked to their topic on the Stone Age, magnetic art and their amazing joined handwriting.  
February 6th
Year 2 read their stories based on Little Red Riding Hood and showed their sketch books with pastel work in the style Henri Rousseau. Everyone enjoyed listened to the descriptive language used to explain how the wolf first introduced himself to Red Riding hood.
January 30th

Year 1 have been looking at paintings by Paul Klee.  They have made their own versions using paint, pastels, paper and card.  We looked at their pictures of fish in the sea on the visualizer so that everyone could see the wonderful patterns and colours.
January 23rd 

Reception celebrated writing letters home and buying stamps with their own money.
As you can see from the photograph the children also enjoyed posting their letters in the post box on Five Ashes Road.
Archie, Kaitlin and Sarah celebrated their amazing jumps in PE.



Class Photographs
27th April 2015

Sports Challenges
30th April 2015

Year 3 Residetial to Fox Howl
5th May 2015 - 6th May 2015

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