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Y7 Homework
It is your responsibility to check this page on a regular basis to ensure you have completed all your homework tasks.
Your teacher will also set additional tasks that fit in with the lessons.

You will need to evidence that you have done the tasks below.  This can take the form of a video, a powerpoint screenshots or photographs, its  up to you.  For more free software that might help click here.
Bronze Silver Gold
Send an emailSend and Email with an attachmentCreate a signature to add to the bottom of your email.
Create a blog and add to it at least 10 times in a monthCreate a blog and add images to it.Invite others to read your blog and leave comments
Create a one page websiteCreate a multiple page website that includes video and images.Create a multiple page website and collaborate with friend.  

Embed one of the following:
  • a spreadsheet
  • a form
  • a presentation
  • a document
Upload work to Uniservity from home.Create an account with Dropbox or Google Docs or Windows Live, then upload a file.Collaborate with friend over the Internet (e.g. via google docs) to develop the document.
Take a photo with a digital camera or phone.Edit the photo with an online editor.Upload the photo to uniservity.
Take a video using a camera, digital video camera or phone Edit the video using Pixorial and upload to YoutubeCreate a guide to teach someone to use Pixorial.
Plan a walk using Google EarthUsing software of your choice write a guide for the walkUsing software of your choice write a guide for the walk and video
Create a model of your house using Google sketchupUpload the model to Google EarthCreate a guide to show someone how to use Google Sketchup and Upload their designs.  This could be done as a video.  Try Jing.
Download a music track from a legal siteCreate a playlistWrite a guide for someone else to use on how to create a playlist and upload it to their MP3
Use Audacity to make a simple recordingUse audacity to edit a recordingCreate a podcast to advertise an event at CHS

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