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In literacy we will focus on Greek Myths.  The children will write their own greek myths.
Also in guided reading we will enjoy reading all about the Greek Gods.
In numeracy we will follow the National Strategy and by the end of Year 5 the children should be confident in the addition and subtraction of whole numbers as well as decimal numbers. They will have experience in constructing a variety of graphs and interpreting them. We will be working on finding perimeters and areas as well as reading and plotting co-ordinates. Relationships between fractions, decimals and percentages will be explored.
In history we will learn all about Ancient Greeks, looking at the location of Greece, how things have changed and how life used to be for the Athenians and Spartans. We will also be researching Greek gods and goddesses and making clay models of their symbols to perform a play.
In science we are continuing to look at rivers and will be taking a walk down to the River Weaver to do some field studies.
We will also be enjoying Music, French, RE, PE and PHSCE.
What a busy, exciting term!
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