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Course: BTEC Business

Unit 1: Exploring Business Purposes



Aim & Content

Methods of learning


What Learners Do

What Teacher does






Week 1


Induction lesson and introduction to business

- the aims/content of the 


- business simulation games

- group presentations

- Gorgeous Gateaux Game

Students will work in groups to make business decisions and plot the effects of those changes


They will use ICT to research businesses and present their findings.


Visit groups; respond to questions and prompt discussions.




Suggest ideas and content.


A2 display paper, coloured pens, graph paper





Week 2


Production of display work on businesses using magazine article and newspaper cuttings



Types of business ownership: Sole trader, partnership, public & private limited companies


Produce business collage




Make notes on ownership


Give support and guidance




Explanations and board work.

Answer questions









Week 3 - 4

Group visit to local shopping precinct to research the types of shops in the locality.



Different business sizes and how they are measured






Scale of Business ownership:

Local, regional, national etc

Make notes on different types of businesses.  Produce a map of locations


Make notes on theory

Research different business sizes

Relate the theory to their visit


Make notes on different types of markets used by businesses

Give support and guidance. Organise letters and permissions slips




Suggest ideas



Support and guidance


Encourage students to apply the theory to the businesses they have researched

Evidence of research











Evidence of research

Week 5 - 6


Understanding the classification of business activities: primary, secondary and tertiary.


Investigate the growth/decline of each sector.


Make notes on the different classifications.


Research the differences in each sector


Completion of Tasks 2 & 3


Offer assistance and guidance



Make suggestions and illicit responses



Text books






Task sheet

Week 7 - 8


To achieve an understanding of business aims and objectives


Explanation of SMART targets


Research a variety of mission and vision statements


Identify how successful each business has been in achieving their statements


Research the different aims that businesses might adopt


Do a presentation for the group on a selected business


Offer assistance and guidance



Suggest ideas and content


Text Books










Watch episodes of Dragon’s Den

Week 9


To support the students in the completion of the second merit criteria


Use the task sheet to identify the requirements of the criteria


Offer support and guidance


Suggest ideas and content



Task sheet




Understanding how and why firms use functional areas


Identify the roles of different functional areas


Understand the importance of working together


Discuss the different roles and tasks carried out by businesses.


Relate these to different types of businesses. Draw out links between various different functions.


Completion of Task 5 (P4)



Teacher led discussion about functional departments



Facilitate discussion and highlight importance









Text Books




11 - 12

    Completion of the task sheets for the Distinction criteria.


Finishing off various activities


Need to research facts and figures for their individual companies



Assists and advises students with their research

Explains how to write a business report





News articles


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