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Please click above to learn more about each of the community managers, who are responsible for creating activities which help to generate a sense of identity, belonging and generosity in each community.

Click on the speech bubble below to discuss everything to do with the communities plus any suggestions and feedback!

Hi, my name is Mr Evans and I'm the manager of the best Community, the Red Community. We had a great year last year, winning all sorts of events including the Yr10 & Yr11 football competition and the sixth form dodge ball tournament. I can't wait for this year's events, our goal this year is to knock those Greens off the top spot and claim our rightful position.

I am a Design and Technology teacher in lessons but at lunchtimes I'll be supporting our students in the many Community events and competitions over the next year. I've been amazed at how much money we've been able to raise for our charitable causes so far; but I think we can do that little bit better and really make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

If you have any great ideas for Community events or competitions; or simply suggestions for things that we can do at school to improve student life then get in touch with me, the community leaders or one of the community council members. Make sure you keeping working hard in lessons and collect as many stamps as you can so you can get all the vouchers and tickets on offer.

We've got some really talented competitors in the Red Community so make sure you come along to support the events and our participants. C'mon the Reds.

Hello and welcome to Blue Community! I'm Miss Jagpal and proud to be your new Community Manager. I'm very excited to be leading the fantastic Blue community as our members are the friendliest, most dynamic and hardworking in the school.

I am a Science/Physics teacher in lessons. However, in lunchtimes and afterschool events I'm looking forward to seeing you and supporting you all in the many Community events of the forthcoming year. If you have any ideas or suggestions about events or competitions that we can do as a Community or how to improve student life then please feel free to let me know-my door is always open to suggestions.

The Blue Community have a long record of successes at these events as well as amazing amounts of money fundraised in the past - I am eager for us to continue these fantastic achievements. Even if you don't get the chance to take part I really hope you can come and cheer on your fellow Blues! I look forward to seeing you at the next event. C'mon the Blues!!!

Welcome to the fantastic green community!! I'm Miss Parker and I am proud to be your Community Manager. I'm really looking forward to leading the Greens to more successes and getting to know more of you through events and competitions.

I am a Chemistry teacher by day and lead a geeky lifestyle in the optics staffroom. I am hugely competitive though when it comes to community events. I know how talented the green community are and I know we will continue with our achievements, such as coming top on Sports Day (whoooop!!).

I look forward to cheering on as many of you as possible in the competitions and events that are coming up and I am sure that there will be something of interest for everyone, so get involved Greens! Hope to see you at the next event!

Hello. I am Miss Dryhurst and I am the new yellow Community Manager - the best community of them all! You all did so well last year in the events and helping to raise money for charity. Let's keep it up this year!

I am really looking forward to seeing you at the great events we have in store this year. These include tag rugby, dodgeball, masterchef and many more. Even if you don't get the chance to take part in one event I still need you to come and along and help me to cheer on the yellows! We could even cheer them on in another language.

I am a Spanish and French teacher and I look forward to getting to know you at our community events. Look out for posters around school and on the community notice boards advertising the events and also celebrating the achievements (probably yellows!).

I look forward to seeing you at the next event, come over and say hola :)

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  • Sophie Hill - Y10
  • Leanne Rowley - Y8
  • Chloe Behar - Y7
  • Bethany Pickup - Y9
  • Ed Slater - Y11

What are they?

The community points ensure that all students are rewarded for positive behaviour, effort and participation as well as following the school's Code of Conduct.

How do you get one?

1st point Correct uniform; respect for members of staff and students, on task behaviour, completing work, active participation in class.
2nd point Sustained effort throughout the whole lesson, helpfulness to staff, coaching other students, extended partcipation.


Y7-Y9 Y10 Y11 Rewards
250 pts 250 pts 250 pts Bronze Certificate
400 pts 400 pts 400 pts Silver Certificate
650 pts 650 pts 600 pts Gold Certificate
900 pts 850 pts 725 pts Platinum Certificate
1075 pts 1000 pts 800 pts £5 voucher
1150 pts 1075 pts 850 pts Alton Towers ticket


Community Events Played Events Won Points
1. Green 11 3 97
2. Yellow 11 2 95
3. Blue 11 4 94
4. Red 11 2 79
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