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FAO Year 4 parents:  Autumn Curriculum Letter
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Autumn term is here!
Children in Need day was dress as a hero day! Can you guess who we dressed as?
We have been using calculators to help us solve mathematical problems.
Roman Questions video: click HERE
Takes about 20 seconds to download
We had great fun on our science trip to the Catalyst Museum!
Today a very naughty witch came in to ourclassroom wanting us to make her a potion. Around the room there were five different potions and the children had to use each of them to make 500ml of liquid.
In maths we have been learning to multiply and divide by 10 and 100.
This term we are learning to play different brass instrments - the cornet, the trumpet and the baritone.
There will be more pictures to follow. I will post and text the date of our concert next week.
 I know a lot of the children have been asking for more copies of the blank timestables sheets we use in class so they can practise at home.  I thought it might therefore be helpful to add these sheets to our Class Page so you are able to download them for yourselves, if able.    A big thank you must go to Mrs Bland, who has given me the times and divide worksheets she has created herself over the years.
x2,x5,x10 sheet        
x3,x4,x6 sheet          
x7,x8,9 sheet        
Golden 100 sheet   
All children get five minutes for these sheets and must get 90/90 twice before they move on.  
x/divide by 7, 8, 9
All children will have to get 40/40 twice in two minutes
before they move on. 
They will also do Golden 100 once a week to
make sure they are retaining the other times tables. 
If they fall below 95/100 they go back to Golden 100 until they achieve over 98/100 again.
x/divide by 10 and 100
The children have to get 40/40 in two minutes twice
and then they move onto timing themselves. 
When they can achieve 40/40 in around 40 seconds (trust me this has been achieved) they move on the mixed 60 where they have to get 60/60 twice in two minutes. 
They then move onto timing themselves and they only move on when they have managed all questions in around 60 seconds (one child last year did it in 58 seconds!)
The children are all enjoying learning their times tables and have asked for more games to help them develop their knowledge.  Click on any of the pictures below and they will take you to a times table game.
This term we will be learning all about Invaders and Settlers - concentrating on the Celts and Romans.  We will be creating our own explanation PowerPoint all about the Celts.  I have created links to helpful websites all about the Celts and Romans (just click on the picture) so you can learn lots of interesting information all about our Invaders and Settlers. 
 Learn some interesting facts from Horrible Histories - be careful, some of the facts are yucky! (Just click on the Roman toilet to find out more) 
Click HERE to see last year's work in Year 4 

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