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W e e k
What an amazing week we've had in Year 6!    
We enjoyed discovering about the metal Zinc and lots of other metals
from the periodic table with Mr. Conway...




 Mr Conway melted metals


...and used a mould to create this heart!





 We discovered the dangerous
contents of a battery
 Making a battery using a lemon, and two metals.
Can you find out the names of the metals?

Spoons made from moulds with intricate patterns 

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the Catalyst Museum in Runcorn!
We became expert forensic scientists in 'Murder at the Manor' and awesome bridge engineers...
  microscope  animation bunsen burner  animation
Year 6 worked collaboratively to collect evidence using a variety of forensic techniques in
order to solve ‘The Murder at the Manor’ .
cardiograph   animation

In the Catalyst Crime lab.
CSI Huntington!

Testing materials using burning


Looking at DNA samples

Whose footprint was found
on the table?
Footprint matching

 Separating colours using
 Testing powders using
dissolving and pH testing

 Finding evidence in the bin


  Scenes of crime observation
using the interactive whiteboard
 Using a microscope to
match fibres
Using a pH test 
 Testing for salt and sugar at the
crime scene by burning





 Constructing an electrical circuit
to create a burglar alarm

 Hair samples from the crime scene

Simple soil analysis

 DNA matching





Using the  chromatography test

Lifting and matching fingerprints



Testing for the presence of blood!
In the afternoon, Year 6 investigated, constructed and experimented with various types of bridges using K'nex kits. Then they tested their bridge constructions...
construction sign  animation




 Arch bridges

Constructing a
 How many people
can it hold?
Sorting out the
pieces needed first! 

The winners of the
bridge competition!
How many bean bags
will it hold?!
Careful placing
of bean bags!
...and in Art we've been making Ancient Greek pots with artist in resident, Jo Inchley!
We had an fantastic morning making our Greek coil pots. Greek pots have survived over 4,000 years and are an important historical source, with pictures depicting Greek life.
We learned how to use the coils to gradually build the shape of the pot. We had to  make sure we smoothed down the clay inside and out in order to strengthen the sides. In the pictures below you will see our amazing creations gradually emerging. We'll keep you posted on the final results!
















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