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A balance of physical activities, gymnastics, dance, games, swimming, athletics and outdoor education is provided within the curriculum at Brierley. This is taught at an appropriate level to ensure continual progression and enjoyment, enabling pupils to experience challenge, competition, aesthetic movement, teamwork, physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.
PE at Brierley will:
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Enable all children to develop interpersonal skills, communication, co-operation, and good sports personship.
  • Develop an awareness of safe practice.
  • Provide opportunities for all children to achieve their full potential.
  • Develop the ideals of fair play and the need for rules.
  • Enable all children to enjoy and have fun whilst developing physical competence, physical development and self-esteem.
  • Develop skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement.
  • Develop their thinking, appreciation and evaluation skills.
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