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Class 1 - Years 5/6

We are Class 1 and this is our homepage.
Spring Term Topic - Rainforests 

Literacy - We will be reading the novel 'Journey to the River Sea' and conducting a unit of work around this story in a text-based approach.
Maths - We will be analysing the temperature within the rainforests, as well as measuring sizes of different rainforests - drawing graphs/charts and comparing measures. Also, we will be revising for our SATs in May.
Geography - We will be analysing what a rainforest is, where you find them, what lives there and why they are so important to our world climate. Additionally, we will be looking at the habitats that are formed in the rainforest and what lives within them, as well as examining threats that exist to the survival of these places. 
Art - We will be creating collages with a rainforest theme, using a wide-variety of mediums through our work with HLTA Mrs Malyon.
Our teachers are;
Mr Coyne is our class teacher, he teaches us for most of the week. Mr Coyne has been teaching for five years - in two different schools - on both occasions in Years 5/6. Sport is Mr Coyne's passion, and during his time at Utkinton we have achieved some outstanding successes on the sports field. Mr Coyne loves having fun, as well as working us hard, but we do feel his jokes could do with some improvement!
Mrs Harris teaches us science and poetry. An experienced Primary School Teacher, who has worked in both deputy and acting head roles at other schools, Mrs Harris dedicates her morning of teaching to allowing us to learn in practical ways. We love her science lessons and learn lots from investigative approaches. She also helps us write amazing poems that we perform at termly church services.
Our Teaching Assistants are:
Mrs Malyon - works with us on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. She is a HLTA who supports a specific child. Art is one of Mrs Malyon's passions and she teaches us every Tuesday afternoon, which we really look forward to.
Mrs Douthwaite - Mrs Douthwaite works with us on a Thursday and Friday morning. During her time at Utkinton she has worked with children right across the school. As well as working 1-1 with a child, she runs tailored intervention from for children in our class. 
 Live, Love, Learn.
               Pretending to be turtles at Chester Zoo!

Dressing up for a trip to the Rainforest

 Class 1 London visit
                          On the London Eye
                                The Science Museum
 PE - We do PE every Monday afternoon with Mr Coyne, following a programme linked to the competition calendar that can be found on our sports page.
Homework - We have homework three times a week. On a Tuesday we have mental maths homework, Wednesday science homework and Friday literacy.