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Welcome to the Home Page for Secondary Assessment support for Wirral Schools.

The Secondary Assessment Team were appointed in September 2009 to support secondary schools  on the Wirral in all aspects of assessment.  Assessment is of huge importance.  Ofsted are placing increased emphasis on the progress that students make in their learning both day to day in lessons and also between key stages.  It is vital that we empower students to make the best progress based on their individual circumstances and also that we are able to measure effectively the progress they are making.  It is also important that have effective mechanisms for intervention if students do not make the progress that is expected of them.  Finally we need to report accurately on the progress that students make to parents, governors, the media and government. 
Of huge importance is the increased attention paid to reducing the attainment gap between students from different socio economic backgrounds.  This is known as 'Closing the Gap' (formerly 'Narrowing the Gap').   To peruse the LA's programme to support schools in Closing the Attainment Gap please click on the following link: 

The key areas that assessment covers are:

The Management of Assessment (include the development of effective assessment policy)

Assessment for Learning 

Assessment and moderation

Analysing Data

Target Setting

Reporting Mechanisms

These areas are grouped into sections on this site reflected in the icons below.  In addition we undertake research projects to ensure that we are on the cutting  edge of developments in assessment knowledge.

We have summarised the important information pertaining to each area in the Wirral Assessment Handbook.  This was produced as a result of a request from headteachers at the Wirral Association of Secondary Heads conference in 2009.  This document is regularly updated and we welcome feedback and suggestions from colleagues.  

Wirral Secondary Assessment Handbook

We support schools in providing advice, mentoring and training sessions.  We support INSET and mentoring in schools. We also provide bespoke training sessions on all aspects of assessment.  We also facilitate network meetings, called 'Assessment Leaders Updates' once a term.  These are targeted at deputy headteachers or assistant headteachers who have a specific responsibility for teaching and learning or some aspect of assessment.  
We provide important courses on all aspects of assessment at the Professional Development Centre at Acre Lane.  All our morning or afternoon sessions are repeated as twilights to accommodate colleagues who may have difficulties in attending during the school day. Details on our courses for 2010-2011, and training presentations for courses that have already taken place can be accessed here.
 We also provide  school support packages which can be tailored to the individual needs of each school:

Afl and student voice


ARR Policy

Moderation and levelling for non core subjects

Target setting


Click on any of the links below to access the specific resource areas


Managing Assessment

Analysing Data

Setting Targets

Reporting Mechanisms

Assessment for Learning

Assessment and moderation


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