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Matched Funding


Many businesses run matched funding schemes which over the years have contributed significant amounts of money to the school. Historically for every £6 we raise, we have been able to generate an additional £4 in match funding.  Banks such as Lloyds and Bank of America run these schemes as do many other companies. The schemes vary in detail from company to company.  In general terms:


1. You participate in a fundraising activity, e.g. help on a stall for a short time at an event

2. Back at work you may have to fill in a form outlining what you did and how much you raised

3. The company will then pay match funds to The Friends of Saughall All Saints using the bank details you provide, which will be given to you by the committee


All you need to do is find out if your place of work runs this (or a similar) scheme and let us know. We can then arrange for you to participate in a fundraising event, which could be as simple as helping on a stall for a short time at the event.


The Giving Machine is a not for profit organisation that raises cash donations for over 1,000 charities and schools throughout the UK. Help us generate free cash donations every time you buy online at

It will not cost you anything extra - the online shop pays the donation to us, in your name, on your behalf. Buy from over 180 participating shops and take advantage of exclusive special offers and discounts. Simply join The Giving Machine, choose us, Saughall All Saints, as your beneficiary and then shop, knowing that a percentage of your bill will be donated direct to us.  For every registered giver, we have generated around £8 of funds on an annual basis.  Therefore, if we could sign up 250 givers (approximately one per child in the school), we would estimate that this would generate another £2000 per year, at no extra cost or effort to givers.

Once you are registered all you have to do is go to  (where your chosen school should already be displayed in the top left corner) and select the shop you want from the list. TheGivingMachine will then transfer you to that retailer’s site and you shop as normal. You don’t have to do anything else as TheGivingMachine collects the donation on your behalf. It’s as simple as that!!


Once again, a big thank you to all those who continue to offer The Friends such fantastic support, it really does make a difference to our children’s school.


The Friends of Saughall All Saints Committee

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