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What is a forum ?


Forums are discussion areas in which people are able to interact with each other by exchanging ideas, tips and discussing hot topics related to a theme.


What are the benefits of using Forums?

All forum posts can be read again and again. As the discussion isn't real time, it means that it rarely turns into heated arguments as people are given time to research and consider their comments before replying. This makes for mostly high-quality discussion. Forums can best be used out of the classroom and are often worked on out of the school. This has the benefit of developing a learning ethic with the students that is not constrained to the school building or school day.

 Forums also:

  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas and information
  • Allow knowledge sharing and best practice thinking
  • Encourages debate
  • Some unique ideas come out of open discussions
  • They can increase the relationship with your stakeholders
  • You can involve (in a controlled way) an external expert to feed debates, provide challenging tasks, and provide authentic assessment - ‘Ask an Expert’ scenario

Makes your cLc more sticky, which means that the members of the forum return to your cLc again and again in order to gain access to the forum


Teaching and learning Benefits


  • Threaded discussions allow for assimilation, reflection, evaluation, critical thinking, and the synthesis of new ideas
  • Enquiry based approach – facilitates discovery and problem solving learning
  • Encourages higher order thinking skills- the teacher can scaffold the learning opportunities to guide
  • Encourages student engagement - Student to teacher or Student to student -giving more ownership of the learning process to the student


  • Encourages students to be a Social Learner – challenging or defending a position as appropriate, helps students who find it difficult to participate in class to be able to take part in a measured discussion


  • Encourages the learner in society and the wider world

-           Discussing current affairs

-           Global Citizenship – An cheap, effective way to get to know people with similar interests from around the country or even the world

-           Discuss other countries, cultures and understand and value ethnic, cultural and religious diversity


  • Encourages Thinking and Learning skills:

-           Enquiry – asking relevant questions

-           Creative thinking – suggesting hypotheses, imaginatively challenging ideas

-           Reasoning – explaining opinions, actions and decisions, using deduction

-           Evaluation – assessing evidence, judging against criteria and values


  • Encourages Personal skills

        Communication and personal presentation for a range of audiences

        Working with others

        Moral and ethical awareness – understanding right and wrong


  • Assessment for Learning (AfL) – facilitates peer assessment and feedback


Can assist with Transition Projects (eg. Discussion between pupils at different schools/colleges)


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