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 The NEW 2012-2013 School Council is now in session. 
Meet the Councillors below:
Georgia Meir Chair Person - Hello, I'm Georgia and I'm the Chair of the School Council, and my job involves: leading the meetings, making sure that the reps ideas get used. I also announce and organise the meetings with my committee, I give jobs out to the reps (who are other children in the committee) like doing posters, fundraising activities and other charity events.  The committee helps with the charity events such as coffee mornings and red nose day etc.  I love being chair because I like being involved in school events.
Ben Ballard Vice Chair - Hello, I'm Ben, and I am  Vice Chair for the School Council, my job involves taking over when the Chairperson is not there and trying to make the school better.  I try to make sure I get to the meetings on time and also try to encourage the class reps to get to the meetings on time.  I try to get everyone involved whilst not letting them do everything and not doing everything myself.  In a nutshell I just help the Chair with her duties. 
Alex Morris Treasurer - Hi I'm Alex,  my job in the School Council is the Treasurer, which involves keeping the money safe and asking for funds to buy great new things for our school.  I also bring new, exciting ideas for our school. it also involves getting to meetings on time, and telling other reps when we're having meetings.
Mollie Wedgewood Secretary - Hello, I am Mollie and I am the secretary for the School Council. This means that I keep track of notes and arrange meetings with the committee.  I go with Alex (Treasurer) to the office with a list of items we need to buy with our funds.  As the secretary, I also type the agenda and minutes from the meetings. We all tell the rest of the committee when the meetings are.  I enjoy being the secretary, especially working with a great committee. I would definately recommend becoming a secretary next year, it's really fun.  
The Class representatives for the school council are:
Year 2 Harry Cope and Freya Matthews
Year 3 Danny Morris and Amber Caton
Year 4 William Fuller and Kathryn Steele
Year 5 Ethan Frain and Holly Tweedie
Year 6 Lewis Macari and Lucie Clark
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