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Food Technology KS 4

This is a 2 year GCSE course and is assessed in the following ways;

  • Written paper - 40% of final mark
    1 ½ hours, summer term of year 11
  • Controlled Assessment - 60% of final mark.
    Research Task (15% and takes 8 hours, completed in the summer term of year 10) and individual investigation ( 45% and takes 18 hours, completed in the Autumn and Spring terms of year 11)

During the course of the 2 year course we will cover units in;

  • Nutrition, diet and health
  • Special diets (Coeliacs, diabetics etc ) & Vegetarians
  • Food hygiene and safety
  • Different methods of cooking foods
  • Techniques of sensory evaluation
  • Storage and extending the shelf life of foods
  • Factors affecting consumer choice

You will have the opportunity to cook every week. Recipes are usually issued in advance and you are required to bring ingredients and an apron. Practical work is an important part of your final examination grade and will be assessed whilst you are completing your coursework.

  • Food a fact of life
    This website has been specifically designed for GCSE students. There are 4 sections covering; energy and nutrients, diet and health, ingredients and food health and e-seminars. Under each area you will find power points, note sheets and some interactive activities that are really fun ways of revising and testing your knowledge.
  • NHS Choices
    The Live well section of this site provides an excellent source of unbiased research for your Controlled Assessments.
  • Nutrition programme by Jenny Ridewell
    To use this programme you will be given an individual log in and password details. This programme is useful for; Calculating the nutritional value of recipes, analysing diets, calculating the cost of recipes and producing commercial style food labels.
  • British Nutrition Foundation
    This is a more complex and detailed website to use. However it provides unbiased and factual information which you may find useful when completing your Individual Investigation for coursework.
  • Sensory analysis templates
    Particularly useful for Star Profiles, scroll down the page and you will find a section labelled Excel templates for star profiles
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