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These materials are useful tools in helping teachers to determine primary pupils’ level of ICT capability, if viewed alongside appropriate evidence in the form of samples of children’s work.


The main document is the excel spreadsheet which consists of a series of levelled statements ranging from below level 1 to level 5. These are based on statements from the primary capability route map. The statements are arranged in to 7 areas of skills. These skills are levelled and correlate with the pupil self assessment sheet. Each skill is ticked when a pupil can manage it unaided.


The Assessment Summary page gives a % of each level and skill area completed. It does not calculate a level for you, the pupil would be assumed to have reached a level by ‘best fit’ model, but if significant percentage of skills have not been covered, that level cannot be assumed to be reached.


Information about access to computers and the internet at home can be added as well as data on, Sex, SEN, FSM, and separate classes for larger cohorts. This allows for various groups to be selected (using the drop down menus) to aid monitoring progress of different groups of children.
In addition to the excel grid there are also a number of supporting documents including pupil self assessment documents and the primary capability route map.


All of these materials can be used in a number of ways and it is up to schools discretion how these documents are used.


They could be used to:


  • Generate discussion about the elements of effective ICT teaching and learning, eg appropriately challenging independent tasks that enable pupils to demonstrate their learning or better differentiation within ICT teaching. 
  • Strengthen teachers’ knowledge and understanding of standards and of progression
  • Support the development of teachers’ subject knowledge
  • Support school leaders and teachers in identifying gaps in curriculum provision
  • Result in teachers making judgements about what pupils know understand and can do and what the next steps in learning need to be
  • Support transition within and between year groups and key stages.
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