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Year 1 ICT Materials
 In this area you will find materials to support the teaching and assessment of ICT in year 1.
These materials are taken from the "Using ICT to Enhance Learning in Year 1" training course.
ICT capability
ICT should be used to enhance learning across the curriculum and not simply as a subject in its own right. Pupils should be encouraged to make independent choices about the use of ICT and select the ICT which is most appropriate to their needs.
ICT – the subject
However, pupils still need explicit teaching to be able to develop their ICT capability. The Bolton ICT capability map is a useful tool to support this.
ICT – in subjects
The aim is to ensure that pupils will be able to harness their ICT capabilities and apply them in the different subjects. As the pupils become more confident they will be able to develop higher levels of ICT capability within these other subjects.
ICT as a teaching tool
ICT teaching tools provide opportunities to add value to the teaching and learning in subjects. For example, the use of interactive whiteboards to enhance the pupils’ learning.

Control Using Beebots and 2Go


Using and creating multimedia

doc (82 KB)  -   Creating your first photostory                                            

Video Recording


2 Simple Purple Mash

Great online tools to access at home and at school. With free apptivities on many different topics and great creative tools like 2publish, 2design and make and 2animate.
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