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Mr. Johnson's set are currently learning to:
- use the probability scale and compare different probabilities
- interpret bar charts with grouped data
- use the mean, median, mode and range
- interpret and compare pie charts
- interpret line graphs
- use Venn and Carroll Diagrams


You should understand and be able to spell:
You should be able to read, understand and spell:
probability scale
bar chart
pie chart
line graph
Venn Diagram
Carroll Diagram
frequency table
You should find your homework on
'Learn Its'
This week are the first half of the 6x table to make sure EVERYONE knows it.
6 x 8 =
7 x 8 =
8 x 8 =
9 x 8 =
10 x 8 =
By now you should all know the answers very quickly.
Can you write their inverse? Can you write the division facts that go with them?

What else do you know because you know these?

Mr. Johnson
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