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Literacy is taught daily. Planned from the National Strategy units we plan for for all ability ranges in our classes. We incorporate elements of Big Write into our Literacy. This is where children are given an environment to work in where they are inspired to do the best piece of writing at the end of the unit. We have special pencils, beautiful lights, magical nets to catch our ideas and calming music.
In our last unit we started to use a new way to learn texts for writing called 'Talk for Writing'.
Talk for Writing encourages the importance of talking a text before attempting to write a text, because if children can't talk about a topic how can they begin to write about it? When we encourage writing we always ask a child to say their sentence outloud first; How many words does it have? Does it make sense? All of these elements of talking are enhanced and developed further in this new form of writing.
We have learnt to recite and learn texts by learning actions to go with the words, then we draw these actions onto a text map or 'Cave Drawings' as the children in Year 1 like to call it. These drawings help the children to remember the key words and information in the text. We then look at the structure of the text and how to develop it ourselves. This new way of writing has helped the children to develop their written language skills and begin to understand how to form different types of text. We are very proud to say we have seen a great improvement in all the children's writing.

What do we expect in the children's writing?

As well as the specific target to achieve your child is expected to remember their capital letters, full stops, to segment and blend (sounding out the sounds in a word), finger spaces and to read their work back to make sure it makes sense. In school, this process is known as Punctuation Pilates. It should be encouraged at home to ensure consistency.
If your child needs help with how to spell a word, your child should try on their own first, using their phonic knowledge and robot arms. Key word mats and sound mats are available to them on their tables when working. At home you could use their sound key rings to support them. If your child uses their sounds but the spelling is incorrect, write the correct spelling and explain the spelling rule.
Each new unit means new targets for your children to try and achieve. These targets are in their Litearcy books.
Three Bullseyes  Presentation clipart Please find specific targets for this unit in you child's planner.
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