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Welcome to year 5 and 6 homepage. There are two teachers in our class: Mrs. Corlett who works on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs. Callister who teaches Wednesday afternoon and Thursday and Friday. To find out more about the Kestrels' class, please scroll down the page.

Mrs. Corlett teaches at the beginning of the week. She loves teaching numeracy and science. Encouraging a ‘love of learning’ is really important to Mrs Corlett and so she tries to ensure that the classroom is a fun, interactive and challenging place to be!

Mrs. Callister teaches at the end of the week. She adores literacy and art. Working with Mrs Callister is always fun as she has a great sense of humour. Mrs Callister and Mrs Corlett both have children which helps them to understand our needs. Mrs Callister is very enthusiastic and always greets us with a smile!

Ms. Hegarty supports our learning in a fun and enthusiastic way. She comes from New Zealand and loves to whizz around Wales on her mountain bike with her family.
Mrs Lindsay-Gould also works with us in Year 5 and 6. She enjoys gardening, art, literature and music. She is known in school for wearing brightly-coloured clothing and always being cheerful! She is also our John Muir co-ordinator.
This term we are learning about The Tudors and the Earth and beyond.
Studying Shakespeare plays has been truly inspirational, we have thoroughly enjoyed the drama activities. We have also written a diary entry in the style of a Shakespearian character, which we enjoyed immensely. Creating a timeline of events during this period has broadened our understanding and learning. Additionally, we have created our own Tudor homes using a variety of materials; we now have a wonderful minature Tudor village in our classroom! We are going to be discovering more about the Tudor Trials and Triumphs, in particular the Spanish Armada.
In science we have been investigating the Earth, moon and stars, particularly the distances and analysing our previous conceptions. Conducting a sun clock investigation was really enjoyable, but we required the sun for this and so had to wait for a while! The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, has also been a focus of study. We researched the Apollo 11 mission and presented our work in class; ranging from creative model making to fascinating presentations. Soon we will be interviewing Buzz and Neil in our class and investigating some life like soil samples from the mission. 
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