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Weekly Spellings
Weekly spellings are very important to the improvement of children's writing. As they learn to segment and blend their words in reading and in writing, it is important for them to practice using their phonic knowledge to spell common and tricky words correctly.
The spellings groups and spellings given are reflective of your child's phonic ability. Each week they will get a selection of words containing a phonic sound they are learning and 3 high frequency words.
How to practice spellings at home.
Use the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check system.
This helps children to remember the words and gets them used to practicing writing the word.
As Miss Irwin always says "Practice makes perfect!"
Look- look at the word carefully. Look at each letter of the word. Trace over the word with
            your finger as you read it.
Say-Say the word slowly.Listen to each sound in the word. Say each letter of the word as
          you trace over the letters with your finger.
Cover-Cover the word. Try to see the word in your head or write it with your finger.
Write- Now write the word.
Check- Check to see if you were right. If you didnt get it right don't worry, try again.
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