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      In years 7-9 pupils follow a rigorous program of study monitored via continual written assessments in line with the Department for Education’s Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP) national strategy. Ontop of continual assessment pupils sit annual Winter and Summer SATS style exams.



      Starting after Pesach year 9 pupils begin studying for one of the following science courses:

      • AQA GCSE: Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Separates)
      • AQA GCSE: Core A & Additional Science (Dual award)
      • AQA GCSE: Core B & Additional Applied Science (Dual award)
      • Edexcel: BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Applied Science (GCSE equivalent)



      Pupils staying on in the sixth can study the following science courses:

      • AQA AS/A Level GCE Biology
      • AQA AS/A Level GCE Chemistry
      • AQA AS/A Level GCE Physics
      • OCR Advanced GCE in Applied Science
      • OCR Advanced GCE in Applied Science (Double Award)


      Science Club

      An exciting opportunity for eager pupils in years 7-9 to advance their interest in investigative science through experiment. Held once a week during lunchtime.


      Nature Photography Club

      Pupils submit nature themed photographs and each half term a winning photo is chosen from the entries.

      Submit your best photographs to Mr Jones.


      GCSE Coursework Enhancement Sessions

      A club run once a week for pupils in year 10 and 11 to get extra guidance on their science coursework.



      Creates opportunities to inspire young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


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      Head of Department

      Mrs E. Raczkowycz

      Second in Department

      Dr J. Hampson

      Head of Key Stage 3
      Miss V. Barber

      Head of Key Stage 4

      Miss C. Harrington

      Y12-13 Applied Science

      Mrs H. Byrne

      Y11 Applied Science

      Miss S. Hirst

      Learner Tracking

      Mr C. Jones

      Science Tutors

      Miss J. Cobgill

      Mr P. Curati

      Mr B. Drinkwater

      Mrs H. Edis

      Mr C. Entwistle

      Miss V. Fletcher

      Mr B. Kayser

      Mrs D. Mintz

      Miss S. Morrison

      Mrs V. Senior

      Head Technician

      Miss S. Costello

      Technical Staff

      Miss D. Bell

      Mrs L. Parkes
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