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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy is named after the last Baron of Halton, Henry Bolingbroke.

Bolingbroke was the name of Henry IV of England who was crowned in 1399. Henry Bolingbroke was the last Baron of Halton, so he is a local historical legend. 

“We wanted the school to have a name which related to the local area and to the specialism. Henry Bolingbroke was not only the last Baron of Halton but is also a literary figure, particularly in Shakespeare, so this also reflects the English specialism- he features in Richard II, Henry IV part 1 and Henry IV part 2.” – John Rigby, Principal

You have your own resources area where you can upload work to access anywhere anytime via the internet. You also have an e portfolio  which is a great way to document your successes and keep a record of what you have done and what you are proud of. Don't forget you can upload any work that you think is a good reflection of your best efforts . Why not start a blog about something you are interested in, let us know what is important to you by completing the student voice survey. contact your School parliament representative and let them know what you want to talk about on this site. Let us know if there is an area you want to appear here we are open to suggestions.
Why not ask your House leader if you can design the house pages and take responsibility for them .
Come on be creative .
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