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What is phonics? Phonics is the learning of letters, sounds and how to read and write these using segmenting and blending.
Daily phonic sessions are taught in Key Stage 1 through teacher led activites for 20 minutes. These activites work inline with the Primary National Strategy's 'Letters and Sounds' document.
Each child is placed in the group that is related to their phonic ability.
Each group has a different set of sounds, high frequency words and tricky words. These need to be achieved with confidence before moving to the next phase of phonics.
I have listed some useful websites and sound mats for each group, which you can download to help your child learn at home.
How can I help at home?
  1. Practising spellings at home as these link with the phonics.
  2. Practise segmenting the words into sounds and then blending them together slowly to form the word. This can be done in reading and writing.
  3. Using robot arms (ask your child-they will show you) to help to segment words.
  4. Play words games with the sounds they are using eg; write the sounds/words on cards and hide them, play word swop, make up made up words using sounds.
  5. Get them to teach you the actions for the sounds their learning.

Phonics- Tricky Words
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