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The aim of the following pages is to inform, help and support Year 11 students, and their guardians, through the trials and tribulations of the coming year.

At the start of the academic year, in our first assembly, I told the story of a man and his journey to Alp D’huez. At sixty-five and as a novice cyclist the man chose to complete the most gruelling section of the Tour du France: a 9 mile, 22 hairpin section of road with an average gradient of 10%. Imagine, if you will cycling Snowdon, and a little bit more... He had given himself eight months (the same amount of time Year 11 have before their final exams) to prepare for this life-changing challenge.

Unsurprisingly, this man did not simply jump on his bike and coast to the summit, his goal achieved overnight. Instead he approached the challenge much in the same manner our students, your children, will need to approach their studies.

He needed information and knowledge.

How long was the route? What equipment would he need? When could he attempt the challenge? What was the altitude and gradient?

But this alone did not get him to the top of Alp D'Huez.

So, he sought expert advice.

He met with fitness instructors, nutritionists, cyclists who had already achieved this same goal. He read training guides and watched video commentaries of the race. He asked advice of those around him who had experience and knowledge in such matters.

But together these did not get him to the top of Alp D'Huez.

And so, he began to peddle.


Year 11 students have access to information and knowledge, both on this website, within school, in their class notes and revision guides. Year 11 students have access to expert advice, through their subject teachers, mentors, form tutors, websites and you, their parents and guardians. It is my hope that all students in Year 11 will use the support mechanisms which have been designed to help guide them through this year and ask for further advice and support whenever they need it. I hope that with both knowledge and advice they too will be ready to peddle, for it is their hard work and their preparation which will ultimately get them to the top.


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  • Mr D Picksley
    Y11 Learning Manager
  • Mrs S Shirvington
    11P Form Tutor
  • Ms C Lomax
    11R Form Tutor
  • Mr M Dale
    11O Form Tutor
  • Mrs K Chudleigh
    11S Form Tutor
  • Mr D Johnson
    11I Form Tutor
  • Mrs M Matthews
    11C Form Tutor
  • Mr W Vickers
    11E Form Tutor
  • Mr J Percival
    11F Form Tutor
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