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Headteacher's Blog 2016

Happy New Year to all the Fender Community and a huge thank you to all the staff for your cards and presents – they are greatly appreciated.  We hope you had a fantastic Christmas.

I am sure you will agree that the end of term was a very special time for the children.  They had a wonderful time and I thank the staff for making the Christmas period so wonderful for the pupils.  Thank you all for coming to the various productions at such a busy time, the children are always  bursting with pride when they see you in the audience.

It was a pleasure to see you all on the Open Afternoons – these are crucial for us all, working together is so important especially as the curriculum and assessment systems are changing.  Please don’t hesitate to pop in if you have any concerns or questions – the teachers are always happy to help and give the pupils more homework!

Well done to all those who won Pupil of the Term and Friendship awards – the pictures are displayed in the main corridor for all to see – be very proud.

I have looked closely at the audit that was filled in by parents and carers on Open Day afternoon – as mentioned in the letter we will be working hard on the points raised but on the whole the feedback was excellent.

Thank you for your very kind comments – onwards and upwards in 2016

Headteacher's Blog

Welcome back one and all,

It’s that time again and we are already two weeks into an exciting new school year.  I hope you all had a fantastic summer break.  Thank you to all of you who supported the summer school by sending your lovely children to enjoy the activities.  The staff certainly enjoyed working with them – they all learnt new skills such as knitting, sewing, different sports and dancing.   We were lucky to have some super people working with the children – the Military School,  Junior Chef, Zac Dance and Silky Skills who taught them how to balance footballs in the most unusual places!  A great time was had by all and it was lovely to see pupils from all three primary schools working and playing together.  May I extend a huge thank you to all the staff and volunteers for making the initiative a huge success. Without them we wouldn’t be able to provide a much needed service. 


Welcome to all our new pupils and their families, many of whom are new to the estate.  I’m sure our parents will make you feel welcome – the children are certainly settling into school life at Fender.  Don’t forget coffee afternoons on Wednesdays – come and have a chat and find out what is going on in school and the community.



Year 6 went off to Oaklands this weekend and a fantastic time was had by all.  The staff who accompanied the children  told me they were brilliant and a credit to the school – this comes as no surprise, the trip was organised as a special thank you for their continued excellent behaviour and outstanding attitude over their time at Fender.  We are very proud of them.


Please note that there are adult leaning courses in English, Maths including GCSE level.  These are available at Ganneys Meadow and Woodchurch High School and are supported by the Community Hub funding.  Creche places are available for parents with small children so please check out the leaflets sent home with the children and enrol if you are interested.  It is important to fill the places of the courses are to continue. 


Target sheets were sent to parents on Friday – please read regularly with your children and encourage them to complete their homework.  Open Days will be organised for after half term and I look forward to seeing you all then.  Thank you for your continued support – it makes all the difference. 


We are all looking forward to an exciting and successful new school year at Fender - more news to follow soon.


Mrs S X

March 2014
Hi everyone,

It’s time for a quick catch up as we are over half way through the school year – where does the time go?   The sun is beginning to show its face which means lots of outdoor activities and happy playtimes.

Great News – the Woodchurch Community Hub is up and running and there are lots of exciting things happening so make sure you don’t miss out.   School will be open at Easter.  For a small charge the children from Year 2 upwards can come for the day and have some fun.  We have the Military School in for a few days and Junior Chef will be cooking healthy meals with the pupils.  They can join in sports and craft activities also. Staff will also make sure the children’s school work continues for a session a day.   Make the most of this fantastic opportunity to relieve the boredom of the holidays and get the children out of the house and off the computer games.

Adult courses in English and Maths are under way in Ganneys Meadow – it’s not too late to sign up on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon. 

Regular drop in sessions are taking place on a Wednesday afternoon from 2 – 4 p.m.  We have had the nurse, Community Police and Magenta housing so far – coming soon are ‘Debt/financial help’,  Education from 2 – 11, Support with form filling and CVs etc.  Keep an eye out for the fliers as they will keep you updated each week – please use these opportunities as it will strengthen our position for keeping the Hub up and running – exciting stuff for the community!

The Hub Magazine will be out in a couple of weeks and you will be able to see what’s happening on the estate – Stick it on your fridge!

I was delighted to see that the Year 6 pupils got the schools of their choice – they are working very hard towards the SATs now.  Keep it up Year 6 – nearly there now.  A fabulous trip to Oakland’s outdoor centre in Wales is planned for those who have worked hard and behaved well this year.

Thanks to all of the parents and carers who have joined us for Open Days and Assemblies – your support is truly fantastic and much appreciated.  Together we are really changing the school for the better and this means so much for your children and their future. 

Keep an eye out for special days and homework sessions to help support your children.   

We are coming to the end of term which means Book Presentation – make sure you are reading every day and collecting your stickers everyone.

Back soon

Mrs S


 Welcome to my second Blog!
What a START to the year!
What a busy yet wonderful start to the term. You all look healthy, your classrooms look exciting and your books have been a pleasure to view.  You should all be very proud of yourselves.
Well done to all the passionate artists who spent a great deal of time and effort at WHS, producing some wonderful, oversized art that has made a instant and vibrant imapct on the school hall and entrance hall. Thankyou and well done!
Last Month was the launch of our journey towards the Rights Respecting Schools Award with UNICEF. http://www.unicef.org.uk/rrsa   Emotional and motivating, the children in all classes produced art work, took part in thought provoking discussions on what children want and really need to survive.  But most important of all, every class chose a particular childrens right to focus on. A very moving day!
Very soon, the Junior Chef will be returning to our school inspiring us all to eat a healthy, varied and exciting diet.  I'm sure all our parents will be looking forward to a well presented tasty treat  being brought home.  Children, just try not to drop your food on the walk home!
On Friday the 22nd of November there will be LOT OPEN DAY.  All parents are welcome to come and see their child's work and even take part in some creative activities inside the classroom.   We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.
What with the terrible and devastating storm that struck the Phillipines last week, everyone at Fender feels as if we should try and do something to help.  So, we have decided to use the Wii and the large screen projector to create a DANCEATHON FUNDRAISER!   Keep viewing the VLE homepage and the weekly school newsletter for more information. This WILL take place on the 10th of Decemeber and the flyer will be uploaded soon.
Finally, OFTSED have been and gone and their report will be available to view very soon.
Keep working hard and continue to be amazing!
Mrs S x
Welcome to my first Blog!
Well thanks to Mr Charlish the VLE is looking fantastic and I am so pleased to see all the fantastic writing you have added to your class pages.  I have spent ages reading them today and will be adding some of my own tomorrow.  I need some time to make sure they are as good as yours!
Well done to Year 6 for all their hard work in the run up to SATs - I am sure you will all get the results you deserve.  Now you can enjoy the rest of your time at Fender before the big step to Secondary School.  I hope you enjoyed your trip to Rascals on Friday morning - your teachers said you behaved well - thank you. 
It has been a fantastic year and the children have worked so hard - we are very proud of them.  The whole school has been learning about the Woodchurch and different areas of the Wirral as part of the LOT curriculum.  We are looking forward to seeing all of the parents and other family members on the 4th July.  Please join us for the last Open Day of the year.  You can collect your child's report, see their work and speak to staff about their progress. The children are always so happy when you come to school to support them in their learning - it really does make a difference, I hope you can also join us on the 5th too for the Summer Fair.  It is always lovely to see everyone.
Good luck to Year 2 who are starting their assessments this week - it is an opportunity to show how much you have learnt this year and how hard you have worked.
Well that's all from me for now - I have to go and compose a story opener.  It will take a while if it is to be more impressive than those I have seen on here.
Let's hope the sun makes an appearance at some stage over the weekend - if not you can always come on here and carry on with the great work or get stuck into a book!  Remember your teachers spend a lot of time setting up your homework, reading books and forums. Surprise them with some great work.
Mrs S x
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