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Welcome from the Head

Welcome from the Head
Welcome to our website
I hope it gives you something of a flavour of Brine Leas School. I am very proud of this school and have been here since 1994, becoming Headmaster in 2007. During that.....

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Monday 7 April
Geography - 10am-12pm AS01 - All - GI
Graphics - 10am-3pm CG20 - MPE
Art - 9am-3pm GCSE portfolio work/A level Photography - CSE
Tuesday 8 April
Science - 9am-11am Double/Unit 2 Chemistry BG02 - ABR
Science - 11am-1pm Triple/Unit 3 Chemistry BG02 - ABR
Science - 9.30am-11am Biology 10A2 BG08 - CR
Science - 11am-12.30am Biology 11A2 BG08 - CR
French - please make appointments AF08 - MCS
Wednesday 9 April
Art - 9am-3pm GCSE portfolio AG34 - BN
Thursday 10 April
Dance GCSE - 9am-3pm Drama Studio - LP
Art - 9.30am-12.30am - HD
Friday 11 April
Maths - 10.30am-12.30pm B-A* BF02 - GH
Monday 14 April
RE - 10am-4pm A1,A3,A4 Religion & life D Block - SWS
Tuesday 15 April
RE - 10am-4pm A1,A3,A4 Religion & life D Block - SWS
Thursday 17 April
Drama rehearsal 10am-3.30pm Drama Studio - RO
Chemistry - 10am-12pm C3 Triple - JBS
Chemistry - 12.30pm-2.30pm C1 Y10 Double - JBS
Physics - 10am-12pm Double Science
Physics - 12.30pm-3pm Triple Science

Week commencing 21st April 2014
Week 1
Bank Holiday - School Closed
School re-opens
AmReg Sum Buddies
12.30 Dance Alive
12.30-1.15 KS3 Maths Revision in BF04
12.30-1.30 Year 12 Theatre Studies Rehearsal in Drama Studio
12.30-1.30 School Parliament in CG19
12.40-1.15 Yr 7 Media Club in BG12
12.45-1.15 Science Club in BG08
AmReg-3.35 GCSE Drama Exam
12.30-1.30 Dance Extra sessions in the Drama Studio
3.35-4.35 Adobe Creative Workshop
AmReg Sum Buddies
AmReg-3.35 Yr10 Speaking Exams
12.30-1.30 Dance Extra Session in Drama Studio
PmReg CGSE Drama Exam
12.30-1.30 GCSE Drama Rehearsal in Drama Studio
1.35-3.35 Duke of Edinburgh
Duke of Edinburgh
Duke of Edinburgh



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