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Welcome to BMGS VLE and experience a whole new breadth of learning and teaching. Teachers can now track if learners are engaging with the online communication and associated materials. Parents can monitor, check and read feedback from teachers and see how well their daughters are progressing.

As well as this, learnerscan enjoy the flexibility of communicating with staff, especially for those unanswered questions. They can catch up with any unfinished work or missed lessons and be able to meet aspiring targets.

With many new features our VLE provides an area to work together without the necessity of physically meeting. Regardless of physical location and time zones, the VLE will allow you, the teachers, to create an area where your students can listen and debate key topics for their studies, at a place and time convenient for them.

You will need a valid BMGS username and password to access resources (See School Technician).

When you have finished your Moodle session, please log out using the links at the top right or the bottom of the page.

Thank you.


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