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 Princes Trust xl Club
xl Club supports young people by working towards an alternative qualification to the academic subjects but an achievable qualification for all xl Club members.
This is a scheme designed for pupils who may be at risk of not completing full time education through to the end of year 11.
These are two of the quotes fom the Princes Trust to encourage young people to engage in education.
                                 xl Club is   - different
                                                    - informal   
                                                    - makes learning fun   
                                                    - makes you decide
                                                    - valued in society
                   xl Club members  -learn practical skills
                                                   - make friends
                                                   - are listened to
                                                   - make the club rules
                                                   - organize events 
                                                   - go out on trips
                                                   - learn and have fun at the same time
                                                   - make a difference to their community
 and best of all xl club members gain awards
In year 10 pupils work towards  BRONZE  Award
In Year 11 pupils work toward SILVER and GOLD Award
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