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Times of School Sessions

Staff are responsible for the children on the school site ten minutes before school opens and ten minutes after closure. Our session times are as follows: -
9.00am. to 12.00noon
1.00pm. to 3.15pm.
There is a 15-minute break in the morning and afternoon sessions for the Infant children (The times vary). The Juniors have a 15-minute break in the morning.


Absence from School

If a child is ill and cannot attend school a written explanation is required. If a child is going on a family holiday, a written request has to be made. Normally children are permitted up to 10 school days, but every request is dealt with individually. When permission has been granted, or a letter received explaining an absence, then that absence is "authorised". If no letter is received or permission not granted, then the absence is "unauthorised". The school's Welfare officer may be informed. The school has to keep a record of all absences, and our percentages for the year.



The school has adopted the Lancashire Health and Safety policy, which does not permit school staff to administer, "when needed" medicines. Other "occasional" medicines, such as inhalers, must have clear written instructions regarding administration. All medicines must be handed to the class teacher to be stored in a safe place, away from other children. Written instructions on dosage must also be given. They should never be left in the child's school bag.
I would hope that if a child was on a course of medicine, careful consideration be given as to whether the child is actually well enough to attend school.


School Rules

Listed below is a brief summary of our rules: -
a) High standards of good behaviour and manners are expected to be kept both within school and on a journey to/from school.
b) Children should walk within the school site.
c) No children are allowed to leave the premises at any time during the school hours unless the school has been notified by letter or verbally by a parent. (This would then need to be confirmed in writing). In such cases it would be expected that an adult would meet the child.
d) When a child has been absent a written explanation is required. A brief telephone call to advise us of an absence would be helpful.
e) All clothing, including P.E. kit should be clearly marked with the child's name.
f) At the end of the school day, children should not stay in the school playground unless a member of the school staff supervises them.
g) Jewellery cannot be worn for Physical Education for safety reasons. (This includes earrings and studs). It would be strongly recommended that children should not wear jewellery at all for school.


School Uniform

The school has a now long established school uniform, which helps promote the standards that we have become accustomed to. It would be expected that all new intake would wear this.
The uniform will consist of: -
A Jade Green Sweatshirt embroidered with the school crest.
A pair of navy blue trousers or navy skirt
A pair of proper shoes (Not trainers)
An Embroidered polo shirt.
A green "Gingham" dress may be worn in the summer.
For P.E.: -
A Jade green "Tee" shirt with the school crest.
A pair of black shorts
A pair of plimsolls, children may wish to use trainers when outside.
For Games
Additional warm clothing, especially in the winter months.
The juniors will require a strong pair of training shoes for outdoor use.
Football boots are recommended for the football lessons.
Swimming costumes/trunks will be required for the upper juniors. Swimming hats are needed by girls and, if insisted upon by the pool authorities, boys whose hair length necessitates them.
All clothing and personal belongings should be clearly marked

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