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Welcome to Rumworth School Science where all sorts of exciting things happen!
Check out what you will be doing each half term:


7ii & 9i

8i & 8ii

KS4 OCR Entry Level Science


Autumn 1


Being Healthy

Biology 1

Management of the Natural Environment

Autumn 2

Sound and Light

Magnets and Electricity

Chemistry 1

ELBS Portfolio

Spring 1

Grouping and Changing Materials

Variation and Classification

Physics 1

Plant Cultivation and Small Animal Care

Spring 2

Forces and Motion

Chemical Reactions

Biology 2

ELBS Portfolio

Summer 1

Habitats and Feeding Relationships

Our Environment

Chemistry 2

Revision for GCSE Exams

Summer 2

Earth and Beyond

Life Cycles

Physics 2

Revision for GCSE Exams

     For more information on any science topics, why not try some of
Mrs Lane's recommended sites below...
    E.ON UK 



We are also encouraging all of our students to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, try this website for ideas on how you can make simple changes that will really make you feel better!

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