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Please provide the following details:
Your Name
Your Login ID
Your Telephone Number
Your (School) Email Address (surnameI@westhoughton-high.bolton.sch.uk) (Where I = Initial)
The School's Name (Westhoughton High School)
Room Number
Time when you're Available for us to visit
Impact - The number of users who are affected
Device - The name / description of the device with the issue.
Problem Description.
Name: Boris Billybob
Login: Billybob-B
Tel: 01942 814122 / Ext: 209
School: Westhoughton High School
Room: B21
Availability: 12:10-13:10
Users Affected: 15
Device: Pupil PCs
Description: 15 users are unable to log on, when they try to it says they are logged on elsewhere and will automatically be logged off. 07B-Bezzelheim-C, 07C-Barnby-D, 07D-Bricker-E, 07E-Butters-F, 07F-Caret-G, 07G-Cornetto-H, 07H-Curmley-I, 07M-Dorrity-J, 07P-Desani-K, 07T-Ellen-L, 07W-Fernley-M, 07X-Glazer-N, 07X-Hallam-P, 07X-Jackson-R, 07X-Karlington-S.
Password changes, Disk space requests, Internet blocking and other misc. requests should be entered as "Customer Care".
Users who are "already logged on elsewhere" and need logging off should be entered as "Admin Support".
Prob Code Description Term Time Penalty Charge Response Guidance
E7D01 Local Area Network ED1 X 15mins Network Switch failure
E7D02 Wide Area Network ED1 X 15mins Access to services outside the school - this is the link and not external services
E7D03 Learning Platform ED1 X 15mins Inability to logon to learning platform, inc OWA, SIMS, etc
E7D04 Pro-Active Major Incident ED1   15mins  
E7D05 Pupil device - mobile (e.g. laptop) ED2 X 20mins Machine failing to post/boot to logon screen
E7D06 Pupil device  ED2 X 20mins Machine failing to post/boot to logon screen
E7D09 Teacher/Admin Workstation ED3 X 30mins Machine failing to post/boot to logon screen
E7D10 Teacher device - mobile (e.g. laptop)  ED3 X 30mins Machine failing to post/boot to logon screen
E7D11 Admin Device- mobile (e.g. laptop) ED3 X 30mins Machine failing to post/boot to logon screen
E7D12 Digital Camera ED3 X 30mins Hardware fault, not supporting driver install
E7D13 Scanner ED4 X 45mins Hardware fault, not supporting driver install
E7D14 Teacher Communication Device (e.g. PDA) ED5 X 1hrs Hardware fault, not supporting driver install
E7D15 Network Printer ED4 X 45mins Physical hardware fault (e.g. Paper jam) or printer firmware fault
E7D16 Standalone Printer ED6 X 2hrs Physical hardware fault (e.g Paper jam) only.
E7D17 Projection Eqpt ED5 X 1hrs Physical hardware error, not consumables such as bulb etc
E7D18 Specialist Eqpt (Interactive tech) ED5 X 1hrs Physical hardware error, not consumables
E7D19 Applications Priority Table   Priority Table Any software bug inc. Windows, Office, Outlook, any other apps
E7D20 SIMS Priority Table   Priority Table Apps errors in SIMS notSIMS down
E7D22 Admin Support Priority Table   Priority Table Request for technical assistance, Installing consumables ED9(E.g. Toner), Training EDB
E7D23 Customer Care (Service Request) EDB   60hrs  New User Accounts
E7D24 RFC (Request For Change) EDC   120hrs  New Hardware/Software or Equipment Moves
E7D25 Linked Incident EDC   120hrs   
E7D30 Inappropiate Content Removal ED3 KPI 30mins Adult Material, etc
E7D31 Data Restore EDA KPI 48hrs  Request to recover data from backups
E7D32 Citrix ED9   24hrs  N/A
E7D33 Legacy System/Device EDC   120hrs   
Priority Table (Device Available Incident)
Priority Call Type Description
High ED6 A "Device Available" incident which adversely affects productivity of user, achieved within 2 hours.
Medium ED9 A "Device Available" incident which inconveniences user, achieved within 2 days.
Low EDB Service Request/Customer Care, e.g. creation of distribution lists, achieved within 5 days.
Scheduled ED8 A "Device Available" incident which relates to administrative requests (e.g. user setup), achieved within 1 day.
Call Types (Response Times for Interim Service)    
    Response Time      
Call Type Description Hrs Mins    
ED1 BSF Blackburn Priority 1 0 15    
ED2 BSF Blackburn Priority 2 0 20    
ED3 BSF Blackburn Priority 3 0 30    
ED4 BSF Blackburn Priority 4 0 45    
ED5 BSF Blackburn Priority 5 1 0    
ED6 BSF Blackburn Priority 6 2 0    
ED7 BSF Blackburn Priority 7 3 0    
ED8 BSF Blackburn Priority 8 12 0    
ED9 BSF Blackburn Priority 9 24 0    
EDA BSF Blackburn Priority 10 48 0    
EDB BSF Blackburn Priority 11 60 0    
EDC BSF Blackburn Priority 12 120 0


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