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"English gives you the words, words give you the world!" 

Topics students will cover this half term

Year 7    Is it the end? Drama Unit on Johnny and the Dead or The Demon Headmaster

Year 8    Different Genres

Year 9    Writing for a purpose - SATs preparation followed by Olympic Theme Park

Year 10  English Literature Unit 1 Exam Preparation - Of Mice and Men or To Kill a Mockingbird and Unseen Poetry

Year 11  English Literature Unit 2 Exam Preparation - Heroes and An Inspector Calls or Lord of the Flies and The History Boys. Some students will also be preparing for English Language Unit 1 (non-fiction reading) and / or Unit 2 (non-fiction writing) resits

BBC Bitesize / Times and Guardian Sites


 Our team of skilled specialists are working to make English exciting, innovative and engaging for all! Our team consists of:

Mrs Spence - Director of Communications Faculty / Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Alston - Assistant Director of Learning, English (on maternity leave)

Mr Park - Leader of Learning, Media / Teacher of English and Media

Mrs Ball - Acting Assistant Director of Learning, English

Mrs Beach - AST Teaching and Learning / Teacher of English

Miss Bates - Teacher of English

Mrs Bunker - English Intervention Co-ordinator

Miss Chance - Assistant Leader English

Mrs Haslam -SENCO / Teacher of English

Mr Kindred - Teach First Teacher of English

Miss McCaffrey - Teacher of English (temporary)

Mrs McIntyre - SPL, Post-16 / Teacher of English

Mrs Pritchard - Deputy Headteacher, Curriculum

Miss Raynerd - Teacher of English

Mrs Torrance - Assistant Headteacher

KS3 English: Setted by English ability, students experience objective led and skills based learning through the delivery of common and differentiated schemes of work which enable learners to progress appropriately across the core skills of Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing.  We are committed to delivering active learning where students take ownership of their learning and progress and are supported by enthusiastic and skilled English teachers.

KS4 English: Learning and progress continues in sets with the focus still on developing active and engaged learners who have a passion for exploring language through the reading of Literature as well as the development of their own writing and speaking styles.  Students in Y10 and Y11 study the WJEC specifications GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature.  Most students will complete GCSE English Language in January of Y11 and GCSE English Literature in June of Y11.  Some students will move in Year 11 across to the GCSE English qualification.

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