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Next Meeting 28th April 2014: Staff room 7pm 

 Welcome to St. Michael’s Primary School’s P.T.A.



The PTA is a voluntary independent organisation, made up of a mixture of parents and staff. Its purpose is to support the school, augmenting the facilities provided by the Governors to advance the education of the children, through a strong partnership with the school itself. We do this by fostering close co-operation and communication among parents, staff and others associated with the school, extending our relationship, and engaging in activities that support the school.

Who are the P.T.A.?

Everyone who is associated with our school, Parents, Carers, Teachers, Non-Teaching Staff, Governors and Caretakers are automatically members of our P.T.A.

 What do we do?

The P.T.A. organise a wide range of both Fundraising and Social Events throughout the year. Fundraising Events raise money for the school to pay for much needed extras which benefit our children by enhancing the school curriculum and improving the school environment. Social Events provide the opportunity for the school community to get together and have some fun while raising extra funds for the school. We are fortunate that we have a very dedicated team focused on raising funds for the school, which we are able to achieve thanks to the ongoing support of the parents, staff and pupils alike.


What do we spend P.T.A. funds on?

All of the funds raised by the P.T.A. are put directly back into the school. The Head Teacher, Teaching Staff and P.T.A. Committee get together to decide what to spend P.T.A. funds on at any particular time.


Here is a list of what some of our funds have been spent on:


·         A new Sound System

·         A new Library.

·         Electric Piano

·         Nest Boxes

·         ICT Equipment

·         Transport Costs (when needed) etc.

Who manages the P.T.A.?

The P.T.A. is managed by a Committee of friendly and enthusiastic, volunteer Parents who work together with other parents and staff of the school to organise a wide range of both Social and Fundraising Events for the school throughout the year. Although we put a lot of time and energy into these projects, we have a great deal of fun organising them and our efforts are rewarded when the events are successful. We are always on the lookout for more volunteers to lend a hand, so if you feel you are able to help in any way please do not hesitate to contact us using the Contact Information shown below.

Who is on the P.T.A. Committee?

The current P.T.A. Committee posts are held by:

·                       Chairperson – Emma Allwork 

·                       Vice Chair – to be arranged

·                       Secretary – Halina Clowes 

·                       Treasurer – Jude Beal & Jenny Neaverson

Staff Representatives on the P.T.A.  

Mrs M Barratt – Head Teacher

Aidan Gumbley – Deputy Head

Elizabeth Hazlehurst – Teaching Staff

Natalie Nicholls - Teaching Staff

We also have General Members who are a group of willing and able parent volunteers who come along to P.T.A. meetings regularly and help out at both Social and Fundraising Events whenever they can.


Forthcoming Fundraising & Social Events

Full details of all the events listed below are advertised in the School Newsletter prior to each event. As more events are planned the details are updated accordingly. 


How you can get involved:


  • Come to a meeting

If you have a child at the school or if you are member of staff you are very welcome to come to any meeting. The PTA meets about twice every term to see where help is needed, to decide what to buy, and to decide how to raise funds. Smaller groups meet at other times too to plan particular events. Dates and times of all meetings are printed in the school’s newsletter.


  • Volunteer to help at an event:
    • Run a stall for an hour at the Barbeque 
    • Donate prizes for the raffle at the Gala Dinner
    • Help run the Children’s Disco party etc.

(We are always looking for volunteers to help with our events, if you can spare some time and want to get involved please use the contact information below to get in touch with us)

Contact Information

If you have any fundraising ideas you would like to share with us or any queries about our P.T.A. we can be contacted via the School Reception. Please leave either a phone number or email address if you would like a reply. 



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