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Welcome to Media Studies!



 Thinking of choosing GCSE Media Studies?


Here’s all the information you’ll need:


What is it?

 Media Studies is concerned with the nature and effects of the media upon individuals and society, through a range of mediums


What will I study?

In year 10, you will study 6 different units; Introduction to Media Studies which will teach you about the Four Key Concepts of Media Studies: genre; narrative; representation and language.

You will then study The Horror Genre where you will analyse the codes and conventions of this popular genre through researching, watching and creating your own original horror story with a film poster and a storyboard for the trailer!

The Magazine Industry will teach you about the institutional facts about this huge industry and your technical skills will be further developed through the creation of your own magazine.

The Representation of Women will allow you to consider the ways in which gender ideology has changed over the years and The News will look at the genre as a convergent media form, taking into account news in print, electronic form and on TV. 
Going Live! will teach you about radio; allowing you to research the roles available ‘behind the scenes’ where you can decide are you an editor, a producer or a presenter!
What are the aims?

Media Studies is designed to develop investigative, critical thinking and decision-making skills through consideration of issues that are important, real and relevant to learners and to the world in which they live. You will develop your appreciation and critical understanding of the media and its role in daily lives.

You will also develop your practical and creative skills through opportunities for personal engagement and creativity building on your understanding of how to use media concepts and ideas to analyse media productions in their various contexts.


How is it assessed?

40% Examination

Section A: Thinking about the media - Investigating

Four questions

Section B: Thinking about the media - Planning

A series of tasks:


60% Controlled Assessment

_ Three pieces of work from different media:

_ two textual investigations on two different media areas [one must be print-based] (20%) and

_ one media production consisting of research, planning, the production itself and an evaluation

of the production (40%).

If you have a question or would like any more information, please contact Miss Bull, Head of Media Studies at: 257bullh@westhoughton-high.bolton.sch.uk

Media Studies is taught at GCSE and AS / A2 level at Westhoughton High School.

Media Studies is taught by:
Miss Bull - Head of Learning - Media Studies / English Teacher
Miss Bates - Teacher of Media and English
Mrs. Pritchard - Teacher of Media / Deputy Headteacher
Miss. Chance - Teacher of Media and English / Literacy Coordinator
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