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Topics students will be covering this term


Year 7   MMW Newtopia


Year 8 Christian Church


Year 9   Christianity


Year 10 Social Harmony


Year 11   Exam Preparation



o                Mr M. Parkinson – Head of RE and also the LPC for Year 11.


o                Mrs C. Edgar – also Deputy Head.


     o                 Mr B. Tailor – also teaches Philosophy (AS/A Level),

                  Critical Thinking (AS/A Level) and Citizenship


What do we do?


o                RE is taught from Year 7 right through to Year 13.


o                All pupils spend one hour a week at Key Stages 3 and 4.

                  At Key Stage 5, students spend 4 hours a week on their A Level.


o               At Key Stage 3, pupils study the 6 main religions  in the world with a greater focus on Christianity. This mirrors the requirements of the Local Agreed Syllabus.


o                At Key Stage 4, the majority of pupils follow the Edexcel Short Course GCSE and a minority follow the ASDAN course with options followed in the Religion and Citizenship sections.


o               At Key Stage 5, students follow the Edexcel AS/A Level in Religious Studies: Philosophy of Religion and Ethics.



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