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I am late for school?

Go to Student Reception to sign the late book.


I have got to leave school early to go to an appointment

(Doctors/Dentist etc.)?

Bring a note from your parents saying when your appointment is.

Show it to your form tutor at registration. S/he will give you a ‘signing out of school’ to show to your class teacher when you need to sign out.

Remember before you leave school you must always sign out at Student Reception.


I don’t feel well?

Get a note from your teacher and go to see your Pastoral Manager.


I have hurt myself?

Get a note from your teacher and go to Student Reception..

(Remember: you will not be allowed to go home unless there is someone at home to give permission.)


I don’t know what lesson I have next?

Look at our timetable in your planner.

Ask other students in your class, if this does not help go to Student Reception.


I have lost or forgotten my dinner money?

Go to Student Reception, they will be able to able to help and will tell you what to do next.


I am being bullied?

Tell your form teacher or any other teacher straight away. If you can’t find a teacher go to Student Reception.


I find something in school that has been lost?

Take it to Student Reception


I have lost something?

Go back to the place you last remember having it, if it isn’t there, go to Student Reception.


Student Reception is situated in the Main School Building.


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