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Our Purpose, Principles and Values...

To ensure equality of opportunity in all aspects of our school life.
To create an environment and curriculum where children’s minds are challenged, engaged and excited.
To monitor our progress and achievements by objective measures in order to maintain the highest standards in learning.
To enable our children to learn and sustain skills and attitudes
for life such as independence and resilience.
To prepare our children to be good citizens of a rapidly changing world, enabling them to contribute purposefully to society.
To engender intelligence of feeling as well as thought.
To enable our children to develop a strong spiritual and moral
awareness, for life and living.
To delight children, parents, staff, governors, and
the community by exceeding their expectations.
To foster a sense of ownership and pride in our school among all our partners including the local and wider community.
To create an equal and active partnership with parents
and teachers - one of openness and trust.
To sustain a quality staff who are caring, talented and committed.
To actively encourage the personal and
professional development of all our staff.
To strive to achieve the highest quality of education through
continuous systematic review, endeavour and improvement.  

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