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Welcome to the ICT Department
ICT is all around us. From laptops, mp3 players , entertainment systems , mobile phones to digital TV, you probably use it everyday. You may even be an expert in some areas-perhaps you've built your own website or have a blog. So whats the point of ICT in school?
You will soon find out that you'll be using ICT throught your school life and beyond . And it isnt just about techniques you use. It's about how you apply what you know to new situations and use it really effectively. You will learn also learn ICT capability.
In ICT you will learn both new techniques and the capability to use them effectively.
Have you ever played a computer game where you had to solve a problem or meet a challenge to move to the next level? ICT in Halton High is a bit like that. You'll be set real problems and challenges to solve , you will learn the techniques and capabilities to succeed in them. Thes e challenges will help you prepare for ICT in the world outside school.




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