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Cycle Training at Mossley
Bikeability Cycle training is offered to all year 6 children at Mossley to help improve cycle skills...and to have fun! There is a series of courses run throughout the year. Each course (for up to 12 children) consists of 4-5 two hour sessions, that are run during school time. 
Bikeability is cycle training designed to give children the skills and confidence to ride on the roads. There are 3 levels of Bikeability - we are able to offer Levels 1 and 2 at Mossley school.
Level 1 (in the playground). This usually is for one session and covers
basic cycling skills, including:
  • Bicycle check
  • Helmet fitting check
  • Getting on and off their cycle
  • Steering control
  • Riding with one hand (signalling)
  • Riding whilst looking behind
  • Use of gears
  • Braking (including emergency stops)
Level 2 (on the roads). The first session of level 2 takes place on a quiet side road off Boundary Lane. We then move on to Boundary Lane.  The final session(s) is done on a road with more traffic, such as Leek Road.
Skills covered in Level 2 over 3-4 sessions include:
  • Knowledge of highway code
  • Starting and stopping a journey safely
  • Looking for traffic, signalling, position on the road
  • Overtaking a parked car
  • Turning left and right from a minor road to a major road
  • Turning left and right from a major road to a minor road
If you would like any more information about the training or would like to come along to one of the sessions, please contact Heather Pearce, Julie Condliffe or Kathryn Humfrey.
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