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Me from Pewithall  Me in Year 6 Me in 2009
   Me in Year 4                     Me in Year 6                           Me in 2009
About Me
Hi everyone. As you can see, there are a number of very embarrassing photos of me above so if you have managed to stop laughing, I will tell you a bit about me. I used to go to Pewithall School about 10 years ago and love it so much, I come in to help whenever I have any free time which means I dont really have a life. What ever time I do get free, I like playing the drums, play a lot of tennis and enjoy listening to music and going to gigs.
Favourite Music
I like all kinds of music really but as some of you may know, I am in a band that plays rock music so I prefer this. My favourite bands are The Killers, Delays, Keane, Muse although I like listening to new bands and singers and am scarily obsessed with X Factor. (I know it's embarassing). Here's a picture of me playing on the Delays drumkit when I had long hair.
Me Playing Drums
Favourite Team
NUFC Badge
Again, as most of you who know me already know, I support Newcastle United which is very despressing but I can't help it and have been to quite a lot of their games. I also like watching England when they play at any sport.
Spare Time
As I have already said, I hardly have any spare time but I do like watching TV and running. I hope to take part in the same race as Mr Baugh in the next year and to beat him. HAHAHA.
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