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The Curriculum

Our aim is to provide a quality, exciting, broad and balanced curriculum, which is planned to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum. However we endeavour to ensure that the children develop emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, morally and physically, reaching their full potential through a range of learning styles.

Our curriculum aims to challenge, motivate and excite pupils. We use a range of learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom, to teach the key skills pupils will need throughout their lives. We aim, by providing stimulating environments and activities, to engender an ethos of life long learning in our pupils.

The National Curriculum consists of:


Core Subjects                      Foundation Subjects

English                                 History

Maths                                   Geography

Science                                Art

ICT                                       Music

RE                                        PHCSE


                                             Design Technology



English and Maths are taught as seperate subjects but all other areas of the curriculum are taught through Learning Blocks. Engish and Maths are also reinforced through the learning blocks, allowing the children to use their skills in a range of contexts. 

At Broken Cross Community school we implement the Primary National Framework requirements for English through both discrete and cross-curricular work. The study of English includes developing the component skills of speaking and listening, reading and writing.

A variety of opportunities will be created for pupils to discuss, describe and role play in order to develop their confidence.

We have a wide range of books as part of our developmental reading schemes and also encourage additional reading for pleasure. We want our pupils to have not only the necessary skills but also a passion for reading.

The skills of writing fluently and confidently for a variety of purposes and audiences are developed throughout the whole school. Pupils are given opportunities to write for ‘real life’ purposes wherever possible, including linking to other curriculum areas.
At Broken Cross we understand that mathematics equips pupils with a uniquely powerful set of tools to understand and change the world. These tools include logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and the ability to think in abstract ways. Mathematics is important in everyday life. It can stimulate moments of pleasure and wonder when a pupil solves a problem for the first time, discovers a more elegant solution to that problem, or suddenly sees hidden connections.
We understand that it is important that children are confident both in their mental and written mathematics work. Software programmes are used to develop mathematics on the computer, logic material and calculator work are included in the curriculum, full use is made of ICT.  Pupils will also experience the wider application of mathematics through investigation into a variety of topics. We aim to provide challenge and stimulation to all children at their differing levels of ability but above all an enjoyment of mathematics.
The Learning Blocks 
  • The Curriculum is split into Learning Blocks. These are topics or projects which mix a number of subjects together.
  • Each topic block has a focus e.g. Science but skills from other subjects and things that are linked are taught at the same time, letting children see the big picture.
  • Literacy and Numeracy are still taught each day but the skills developed are then used during the Learning Blocks.
  • Learning experiences are designed to increase the children’s motivation to learn and to develop their skills so they are able to continue to learn after leaving school.
  • Children have some say in what they learn and how they learn it, this means they are challenged to push themselves and all children are able to achieve at or beyond their own level.
  • Subjects are not given specific names so the children cannot attach any stigma to their learning. E.g. I’m not doing science because I’m rubbish at Science.
  • Learning Blocks are closely monitored to make sure that the children cover all areas of learning.
  • The learning blocks make learning more ‘real’ and allow children to see why they are learning.
  • The children make use of technology for a reason, understanding it as a tool for learning not as a way of cheating.



The school understands the importance of educating children to lead confident, healthy, safe and independent lives.  All pupils are made aware of the emotional health issues that we all face, and should be encouraged to support their peers. Teachers will want to encourage pupils to express and understand their feelings. The wider school environment will enable this and help build their confidence by openly addressing issues of emotional health and well being.  The SEAL programme provides a framework for explicitly promoting social, emotional and behavioural skills, with built-in progression for each year group within a school. Each Monday morning we have a SEAL assembly in which the children are given a weekly objective based on a social, emotional or behavioral issue.  Teachers plan lessons around this aim, both discretely and within other subject areas.  We also place great emphasis on a strong values education, whereby each half term a value, which is linked to SEAL work, becomes an integral part of school life and is shared and demonstrated in all we do.

Citizenship education is important because it allows pupils to gain the knowledge, skills and understanding to help them play an effective role in society. It encourages respect for all and develops pupils' abilities to debate and reflect on issues of concern.
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