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The head's blog section will give you a flavour of how things work at our school. Please take time to have a look.

Our Vision: At Westminster Community Primary School we are learning with, from and for others to ensure that our school is a community where:
  • we are lifelong learners
  • we have high expectations of ourselves and each other
  • we understand the importance of developing team work, independence and self-esteem
  • communication and respect underpin all that we do
  • everyone is valued and encourage to reach their full potential in a purposeful and stimulating environment
  • we strive to develop academically, creatively, personally, physically, morally and spiritually
  • we monitor and evaluate our progress to help us to celebrate our successes and find ways forward to improve and develop together
  • we understand that our strength comes from the links we build with others within and beyond the school community

We aim to develop in our pupils:

  • an enthusiasm for learning and an enquiring mind that is open to new experiences;
  • a strong knowledge of self and confidence & pride in their individuality;
  • a full understanding of being healthy;
  • their sense of what it means to be part of and contribute to their community;
  • their ability to work independently, with a partner and as part of a team;respect for and tolerance of difference;
  • effective communication skills;
  • respect for the environment;
  • an ability to set goals and have future ambitions.

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